The Hitting Game, available from Seren.

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'...“Poem with Nothing in it” acts as a contradiction to itself, ending with the line ‘The absence of any point is remarkable.’ It’s remarkable for a couple of reasons, coming, as it does, at the close of a poem that began with ‘I try to write a poem devoid / of everything. / No family, no hopes, no horror. They said it can’t be done.’ The very act of conjuring these thoughts pours concrete things and people into this empty mould that Clifford has (de)constructed.

'Clifford seems reluctant to leave a mark on the world, even the smallest one, and yet by leaving everything out, by holding back, we see everything unfold before us.

Mat Riches pursues the intriguing elusiveness running through Graham Clifford’s poetry, London Grip. Read more here




Computer Generated Crash Test Dummies,

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'Clifford's work is as rich as the church, it's depth pulls you willingly under and keeps you reading.'
                                             Grant Tabard, Stride 2017


… the visceral nature of the work wins out, making this a refreshingly direct pamphlet, full of startling visions.

Reviewed by Jessica Traynor, Sabotage Reviews 2017



 The Hitting Game, available from Seren 


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This is a most welcome full collection by a strikingly distinctive poet who has already published a prize-winning pamphlet. The poems are simultaneously flamboyant and unsettling, inventive and grounded, witty and vulnerable.Irresistibly intriguing investigations of 'what…will make it/ever so briefly alright being us'.

 Michael Laskey


'The Hitting Game' is the first collection of poems by the London-based poet Graham Clifford. The vibrancy of the poet's voice and the immediacy of his claims upon our attention are clear. These poems provoke as well as delight. Characters arrive as 'you' in 'Obvious Constellations' 'Amazing' and 'Trying'. Incidents are approached from disarmingly intimate and also entertainingly oblique angles. These are urban poems where nature appears like a strange intrusion: a flock of swallows 'flick about dust like black flames'. There is also a gentleness and empathy, particularly in regards to children, as in 'About my daughter' where the word echoes: 'the er-ing sound of doubt/mixed with ought.' There is humour and pathos as in the poem about a chimp and her keeper. These are poems full of minor dramas and fresh enchantments.




The Forward Book of Poetry showcases a selection of the best contemporary poetry published in the British Isles over the last year, including the winners of 2014's prestigious Forward Poetry Prizes. It is introduced by Jeremy Paxman, chairman of the 2014 Forward Prizes judges. Their final recommendations give a strong sense of the variety, vitality and wit present in poetry today, making this anthology - the 23rd in an annual series - valuable to both first-time poetry readers and those keen to find more new poetry to enjoy. If you buy only one poetry book this year, this is it.

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Welcome Back to the Country, Winner of the 2010

Poetry Wales Purple Moose Poetry Collection Award.

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